archlight sneakers

hey guys,

I just bought these beautiful sneakers from Louis Vuitton, they are super comfy (even if they do not seem to), trendy, chic and particular. There are a lot of different types and all them cost the same amount. You can use them with everything. From an outfit with hoodies and leggings to a dress. Here I’ll show how celebrities or women from fashion use them:

Risultati immagini per  louis vuitton archlight model
Risultati immagini per  louis vuitton archlight model

Snoop Dogg t-shirt

Hey!! I bought this t-shirt in NY 1 month ago, in Urban Outfitters for like $30,00. I love it not just because there’s Snoop but also because you can use it with everything!! From jeans to sweatpants…everything! In this outfit I matched it with Calvin Klein by Andy Warhol’s jeans.

Plus, Dr. Martens’ boots;)

Luv u,



Tommy Hilfiger- Sequins Retro Runner

So, I bought them for €99,99 and they are soo comfy. They are a little expensive but they are absolutely worth it.The cool thing is that you can change the color of the strip too…

You can use them with a lot of things and with a lot of colors, but the bad thing is that you have to clean them a lot because they are white.

By the way, if u like them or not, let me know.



The Lux Novel

Hey, what’s up?

I’ve been gone for long time but I’m back!

I just wanted to told you that I am reading the sequel of Obsidian (Onyx) by Jennifer L.Armentrout and I am loving this Novels sooo much!!

Rn I can’t take a photo of obsidian because I lent it to a friend so I took one of Onyx.

I absolutely council you guys to buy it!! And the strange thing is that I never liked reading books but, these ones are keeping me more than ever.

So if you do not have nothing to do, begin with start reading Obsidian…




today I bought these ones:

the first one:

the fragrance,

It smells like flowers and it’s so comfy (Idk how I can tell this) to wear like, it isn’t a heavy smell.

The body spray,

The smell is the same but more amplified

And I can’t stop sniffing it LOLLL

I think that the body lotion is THE BEST. It smells a little like the others but lesser. It is so creamy an comfortable.

I council you guys to buy them because they are AMAZING!

love you all