archlight sneakers

hey guys,

I just bought these beautiful sneakers from Louis Vuitton, they are super comfy (even if they do not seem to), trendy, chic and particular. There are a lot of different types and all them cost the same amount. You can use them with everything. From an outfit with hoodies and leggings to a dress. Here I’ll show how celebrities or women from fashion use them:

Risultati immagini per  louis vuitton archlight model
Risultati immagini per  louis vuitton archlight model


today I bought these ones:

the first one:

the fragrance,

It smells like flowers and it’s so comfy (Idk how I can tell this) to wear like, it isn’t a heavy smell.

The body spray,

The smell is the same but more amplified

And I can’t stop sniffing it LOLLL

I think that the body lotion is THE BEST. It smells a little like the others but lesser. It is so creamy an comfortable.

I council you guys to buy them because they are AMAZING!

love you all




I adore this fragrance!

When I saw the advertisement I told myself :”I have to buy it absolutely” and after 1 hour I bought it;)

I took a photo of the ad too:

I tried the classic one (mine) and the one of the second photo but I liked more the first

Try it to believe it

an introduction


hello, I’m Jessica and I live in Italy.

this blog hosts all the people who feel different. in the field of fashion, instruction and mentally.

I feel diverse from the crowd because I have other personal tastes. i think that to become famous you don’t have to be vulgar. I want to help the girls like me.why we feel so different?

I think that the girls like me are rare,(not priding myself lol) cause all the girls now are following the style of the bad things like posting vulgar photos, smoking, drinking and much more…

but also there are a lot of BEAUTIFUL THINGS!

I’m going to post some outfits, some photos of my travels, of my make-up etc.

enjoy this blog!❤️